Scaffolding Net

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The Scaffolding Netting is a lightweight HDPE netting designed to protect workers and pedestrians walking near the base of a scaffolding structure.

Properly protected against deterioration caused by sun UV rays (common problem in all construction plastics)

In most cases, the construction site manager or the insurance company, request precise guarantees to minimize the risk that plaster, stone, construction materials in general or construction equipment inadvertely falling from the scaffolding could harm people or damage property.

Scaffolding netting is an economical alternative to other expensive plastic enclosure systems when it is not necessary to completely isolate the work area from inclement weather.

The netting allows most of the wind to pass right through, so when mounted on scaffolding in windy areas, it avoids excessive wind loads on the netting attachements, or on the scaffold itself.

The Scaffolding Nettings are firm structure , high strength , long life , durable. It is safe to use, 100% recyclable.

100% original HDPE raw material with UV additives. All our machines are 2013 model with highest technology