Sun Shade Net

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The Sun Shade Nets are firm structure , high strength , long life , durable. It is safe to use, 100% recyclable.

100% original HDPE raw material with UV additives. All our machines are 2013 model with highest technology

This shade netwidely usedin the Garden,Agriculture, Desert.Keep the heat out ,which make people feel cool and live happily.

Plant and crops under shade netting can grow better.

Our shade net have open space that let sufficient airflow,resulting in a considerable reduction of the air temperature even duting the high temperature day.

The usage areas are mainly Horticultural, Animal feedings, Agriculture, Public Areas and Heat Insulation on Roof.

Benefits of the sun shade net :

  • Provides crops with ventilation and cool growth conditions
  • To be used in poultry houses , provide animals ventilation and cool shadow circumstances
  • To reduce humidity loss in soil, enhances plant airing
  • Application at public areas like children’s playground, swimming pools, beaches, car parking lots
  • Lower the temperature of the steel structural plants, house tops